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"Together, our clients have won over 1.5 million dollars in scholarships and counting."


With our own firsthand experience and extensive knowledge in over 20 different pageant systems, we know what it takes to help you grow from competitor to winner.

What to expect in an appointment...

Get out those devices, ladies! All appointments are done via Zoom! From our list of services, you are able to pick and choose what you want to focus on the most in an hour lesson. 

We want to be your biggest cheerleaders! Always encouraging, motivating, and helping you become the absolute best version of yourself! Come be a part of the S&T fam! Book below! 

List of Services:


First impressions are important and Interview is the first time the judges have the chance to meet you! We work hard to make sure that you are memorable the second you step into the interview room!


Whether you are gliding effortlessly across the stage in Evening Gown or strutting down the runway in Swimsuit or Fun Fashion, we have all the secret tips and tricks to help you look like a movie star while feeling comfortable in your own skin.


Want to stand out from the rest?? We help girls shine on the stage with custom speeches, personal introductions, spokesmodel, resumes, platform essays, logos, taglines, social media strategies, and your WHY!!


Talent, baby! Between the two of us, we have extensive training in many of the arts. Whether you need a brand new talent or seeking to add that WOW factor, we do it all when it comes to talent staging!


Take a deep breath! We are here to bring you all the confidence tools to conquer this phase of competition.


“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” -Matthew 7:12.

Whether you are creating a service project for the first time or needing assistance to format a game plan for your organization, we have you covered. Together we will help you make a wonderful impact in your community, state, or nation!


Put your best foot forward, even on paper. This is where the competition starts! Let us help you stand out and sound your absolute best before the judges even meet you! 


Ready to capture that “It Factor" ? It’s all about style! We make sure our girls look and feel their best before walking out on the stage! Partnered with our Wardrobe Sponsor, our girls are always decked to the nines in the most exclusive looks! Get on our wardrobe waitlist today!

List of pageants we have worked with:

Miss America Opportunity

Miss Universe / Miss USA

National American Miss 

USA National Miss

Miss Jr. High, High School & Collegiate America 

Princess of America

Cinderella International Pageant  

Distinguished Young Woman

Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 

Miss Teen USA

Royal International Miss

International Jr. Miss 

Our Little Miss 

National Elite Miss

Pure International

Miss Volunteer America


Ideal Miss

US Pageantry 

America’s International Miss 

USA Elite Miss 

America’s Elite Miss 

International United Miss

United World Pageants 

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